“Come join the illustrious Citizen Corps. Help put the government’s hand in your community. We all know that big government is the solution to all problems. Why let local cities and towns deal with crises on their own? In a disaster, we want eyes on the ground reporting back to us, that way we can react only the way big government can.

You will be affiliated with The Community Emergency Response Team, The Fire Corps, The National Neighborhood Watch Program, The Medical Reserve Corps,The Volunteers in Police Service, and The Corporation for National and Community Service . And don’t forget that you will get all your instructions and report to FEMA. Imagine how bad hurricane Katrina would have been if it were not for FEMA’s swift, accurate response. “

Was that perhaps too over the top? Possibly. I am personally very leery of anything that puts more big government in our communities. It is not a bad thing for a community to have a disaster plan or even a disaster team, but having a team that follows marching orders from FEMA cannot be good. The jury is still out on whether FEMA is truly evil, or just a lumbering bureaucracy.

It also seems strange that Citizen Corps a volunteer outfit, yet they are still referring to it as a corps. I find its name to exude that militaristic feel that every branch of of government seems to be going toward. And in case you were wondering, it does have analysis of how to get your children more involved with their program.

Program – noun – a plan of scheduled activities, procedures, etc, to be followed.

Program – verb – to cause to absorb or incorporate automatic responses,                                                   attitudes, or the like; to condition



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