Working on some interesting research!

I know it has been a while since I’ve posted anything and its been for a good reason. I’m still settling in and making changes to the site. And I’m also researching some very interesting topics.

As you know, research takes some serious time and effort. One of my research topics will be the biblical possibility of a real zombie apocalypse. In my opinion, the bible does not preclude it, nor does it preclude the possibility of an alien invasion as our demise. In fact, with mentions of fire and brimstone, giants, leviathans, etc, I believe that the bible might even be hinting to some of these so called paranormal phenomena.

So I will continue to post blogs as often as I can about topics that I encounter in my day to day life, but I will be researching and pondering a much bigger story as well. So keep your eyes open to some exciting, upcoming stories.


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