Political Correctness

How many of you feel like you are sometimes walking on eggshells around people? Are you sometimes slightly paranoid that you will say the wrong thing or that it will be taken out of context? Most of us have had that feeling, and usually it is not because of some deep-seated racism or phobia, but more commonly a fear of some overly sensitive person with a chip on their shoulder. These days careers and even lives can be ruined due to an out of context word or action.

Im sure most of us would agree that political correctness has gone overboard, but how many of you know the lengths that the media has gone? It finally dawned on me one day after looking at the below picture someone had posted to pinterest. Yes, Times magazine really has had numerous different covers on its US versions vs its overseas versions. And if you look closely at the main story in each, I’m sure you will see why we do not see the overseas versions here. Most of the articles do not fit into the narrative our media force feeds us.



In reflecting on this as well as the condition of things in America, I’m reminded of George Orwell’s book, 1984. It would almost seem that we have our very own Ministry of Truth. If you ponder the idea for a bit, it does not seem so far fetched.

In the book, the ministry of truth was tasked with overseeing media, entertainment, and even rewriting history. The idea was to control people thru these forms. With our history books constantly being rewritten, its not a stretch to consider maybe its on purpose. And what about our news stations? The news force feeds us what they want us to see. The only true investigative journalists these days seems to be the smaller outfits that do not answer to anyone but the people who support them. This would omit ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, MSNBC, all their affiliates and parent companies, as well as a few others.

Think about it. The average person will probably know more about deflategate, Bruce Jenner’s sex change, and the Duggars than they know about the Freedom Act, Jade Helm, and the UN Arms Trade Treaty. Which set of those topics seems more important? Just because a news station mentions a topic does not mean you are getting the unadulterated truth.

One of the bigger examples of the truths we are hidden from comes from Edward Snowden. Regardless of whether or not you consider his actions ethical, he did not use the information himself. He released the information to the public. And yet for these actions he is branded a traitor. When I think of traitors in history, I come up with one for sure, Benedict Arnold. And for those of us who have forgotten our history or read a revised edition, He was a traitor because he was using his status to give a foreign enemy information and was going to surrender a fort to them. Allow that to sink in. Snowden is branded a traitor because he gave information to us. Does the government consider us an enemy? The answer is pretty obvious if you ponder it.


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