“Come join the illustrious Citizen Corps. Help put the government’s hand in your community. We all know that big government is the solution to all problems. Why let local cities and towns deal with crises on their own? In a disaster, we want eyes on the ground reporting back to us, that way we can react only the way big government can.

You will be affiliated with The Community Emergency Response Team, The Fire Corps, The National Neighborhood Watch Program, The Medical Reserve Corps,The Volunteers in Police Service, and The Corporation for National and Community Service . And don’t forget that you will get all your instructions and report to FEMA. Imagine how bad hurricane Katrina would have been if it were not for FEMA’s swift, accurate response. “

Was that perhaps too over the top? Possibly. I am personally very leery of anything that puts more big government in our communities. It is not a bad thing for a community to have a disaster plan or even a disaster team, but having a team that follows marching orders from FEMA cannot be good. The jury is still out on whether FEMA is truly evil, or just a lumbering bureaucracy.

It also seems strange that Citizen Corps a volunteer outfit, yet they are still referring to it as a corps. I find its name to exude that militaristic feel that every branch of of government seems to be going toward. And in case you were wondering, it does have analysis of how to get your children more involved with their program.

Program – noun – a plan of scheduled activities, procedures, etc, to be followed.

Program – verb – to cause to absorb or incorporate automatic responses,                                                   attitudes, or the like; to condition



Ready for what? And why use our kids?

Has anyone noticed the disaster preparation commercials? I’m sure we have all seen them, but has anyone really taken the time to think about them? Why are they running more and more of them? And why are so many of the commercials geared towards our kids? While I do think its a great idea to have a plan and even supplies for a few days, it bugs me the way these are being marketed to us. Something about the commercials seem insidious.

A more in-depth look at ready.gov does reveal that they have been stepping up the “awareness campaign”. It includes sections on preparation, making kits, getting involved with businesses and communities, as well as it’s very own kids section, replete with games and other literature. I have to admit some of the information is good, but some of it is also laughable.

The theme seems to be have enough supplies for at least three days. I personally think that is a very anemic amount of supplies to stockpile. Here in Texas we have seen more than three days without power due to storms, extreme heat, or winter weather. I think a minimum of a week is better, preferably a month if its possible on your budget. Another interesting item they suggest keeping in your kit is a “ dust mask to filter contaminated air”. I personally cannot think of a dust mask that’s capable of filtering out anything more than dust. Hospital grade surgical masks are not basic dust masks, and even those are not close to full-faced mil-spec bio-chem masks or the full body biohazard suits.

In summary, it is a very good idea to have supplies and a plan in case of a disaster. But like most government sponsored programs, it is poorly designed, thought out, and executed. And the way so many commercials are targeting our youth in order to get adults involved in it as well seems to set a sinister undertone of using our kids to manipulate us.

I welcome any feedback on the subject matter, and in my next blog, I will discuss something I found on the ready.gov website that seemed quite Orwellian.

Is the moon really what we think it is?

I will not get into whether I think we actually went to the moon or not. I’ll save that for a later blog.

I recently had the pleasure of listening to an interview on The Higher Side Chats about an individual who has evidence that the moon is possibly a hologram, or something even more sinister.

This person goes by the handle “Crrow777”. He has kept his eye on the sky for years, including a camera that records the moon. In several of his videos posted on youtube, he has captured some very interesting phenomena related to the moon, as well as some other things.

In one video, he captured what appears to be a boomerang shaped spaceship flying over the surface of the moon. The first thing that comes to mind is possibly a satellite. However, the size, velocity, and trajectory do not match anything that we know of. Is it possible that we do have some kind of ship or satellite orbiting the moon? Possibly, but why wouldn’t we know about it? What purpose would it serve? The other alternative is that it is not a man-made ship. That possibility is even more scary don’t you think?

In another one of his videos, he has captured what has been termed a “lunar wave”. It appears to be a wave going over the surface of the moon, similar to what you see with holograms, or even with a VCR adjusting its tracking. The camera catches the phenomenon in very clear detail, and it also captured this as it panned, so you can tell it is on every side of the moon. This has been seen in several videos, though the timing is apparently near the equinoxes according to crrow777.

So it is possible that the moon in one giant hologram in the sky? Maybe. But then could it be possible that its really some elaborate spaceship with a cloaking device? Scary thought I know. But I believe that is plausible. I’m reminded of a lesser known phenomenon encountered on the later Apollo missions: The moon rang like a bell when it was struck with one of the stages of the lunar module. Perhaps rang like a bell is a bit unscientific, but they did capture reverberations with seismic instruments that lasted for hours. Just to put that in perspective, an earthquake here lasts just a few minutes, and also has tons more force than something as little as a part of a lunar module.

In closing, I encourage everyone to check out these videos. Question them in your own way. Come to your own conclusions.



everything with a grain of salt

Why is it people seldom take the time to think about things, to ponder them if you will. Are we all as a whole stuck in a rut? Or do we take things at face value? What ever happened to creativity…and critical reasoning? Do you believe everything you see on tv? I’m sure you answered no. But does that also apply when you watch the news?

There are always two sides to a story, and the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle. The best thing a person can do is take everything they hear with a grain of salt. Do not take anything at face value, unless you are one hundred percent sure the information is reliable and accurate. It is always best to do the research yourself.

The topics that will be discussed here are facts to some, theories to others. I encourage all readers to do the research themselves on the topics presented here. I will do my best to publish links so you can come to your own conclusions.